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Pet Dentistry

Learn more about our pet dentistry services below.

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Pet Dentistry

We always provide a comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment plan for pets when their teeth are cleaned.

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Pet Dentistry

We perform not only periodontal probing to find problem areas but also take digital dental x-rays for a complete assessment. Digital dental x-rays help us assess your pet’s oral health. In fact, two-thirds of our pets’ teeth are under the gumline and are not visible. X-rays show us what is under the gingiva which we cannot see. Studies have shown that without x-raying a pet’s mouth, 75% of significant dental problems are missed in our pets. When was the last time your pet had dental x-rays?

Digital dental radiographs allow assessment of the teeth (fractures or internal disease), the surrounding soft tissues (periodontal disease, stomatitis, cysts, draining tracts, abscesses, fistulas, tumors), the joints (TMI or mandibular symphysis), and the bone (jaw fractures). Digital x-rays can also reveal subgingival (under the gums) foreign objects, cysts, and tumors.

In order to ensure that the anesthetic dental procedure is as safe as possible, Pinebrook Animal hospital does several things. First, labs are run to make sure there are no last-minute problems that we need to know about, like an infection or kidney problems. Secondly, we run an EKG to make sure there are no heartbeat abnormalities before starting anesthesia. In addition, we place an IV to make sure we can have access to the bloodstream to administer saline and just in case we need to give an emergency medication. These costs, as well as the digital x-rays, are reflected in the base cost of the dental cleaning. If, however, we discover after taking x-rays that your pet needs some infected or abscessed teeth extracted, those costs will be additional, and we will inform you as to those costs.

We do everything to make your pet’s stay at our hospital comfortable, as well as sending home appropriate pain and antibiotic medication when necessary. If you are not sure if your pet needs a dental cleaning, please schedule a no-charge evaluation of their teeth so we can decide what their mouth needs!