Most clients have questions about insurance for their pet.  We recommend pet insurance as a great way to give you peace of mind for those times when you have big bills owing to accident or illness, or just so you know ahead of time what your portion of the bill will be.  It's a great way to budget for health care costs for your pet.  Coverage can either be an accident-only type of policy (like your major medical insurance), or a wellness policy, which would include such items as annual vaccines, wellness testing, parasite control and dental care.  There are a lot of options available from which to chose. 

Typically, pet insurance differs from human health insurance in the following ways:

you pay your veterinarian up front for services rendered

you submit your claim to insurance and are reimbursed the percentage of your bill based on your plan

you can go to any licensed veterinarian without referrals, including emergency hospitals and specialty providers like ophthalmologists or surgeons

There are many pet insurance providers available, and we recommend you compare plans and prices, based on what is right for you and your pet.  You can chose your deductible, your level of coverage, and what type of plan (wellness or accident).  Remember, there may be limitations or exclusions based on pre-existing conditions if your pet is older, so the earlier you acquire insurance, the more extensive the coverage.  Depending on the plan you chose, and what age your pet is when you enroll, there are plans available for less than $1 per day.   Although we are not affiliated with any pet insurance company, we recognize Pet's Best Insurance, TruPanion and AAHA Pet Plan as some of the best insurance options on the market.

If Pet's Best Insurance fits your needs, you can click the banner ad on this page for a 5% discount on your policy.   Please note we never accept referral fees from Pet's Best Insurance, but we work with them because we feel they provide some of the best coverage available. 

Insurance options include:


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